Astrazeneca Joins Accumulus Synergy as a Sponsor to Accelerate the Delivery of Medicines to Patients

BURLINGAME, CA, May 12, 2022 – Accumulus Synergy, a nonprofit organization working to develop an information and data exchange platform aimed at transforming how drug innovators and health authorities worldwide interact, today announced AstraZeneca (LSE/STO/Nasdaq: AZN) has joined Accumulus Synergy as a sponsor company. 

“There is tremendous industry excitement about our organization’s vision and our path towards making it a reality. The data and information exchange paradigm, between those who develop medicines and those who review and approve them, is at an inflection point – broad adoption is critical,” said Frank Nogueira, Accumulus Synergy CEO. “I am very pleased that AstraZeneca, a global company with a proven track record of innovation, strong global footprint, and out of the box thinking has united with our deeply committed founding companies.”

“Accumulus Synergy has embarked on an ambitious goal and a critical mission to transform the procedures that underpin the regulatory submission process – and this is strongly aligned with AstraZeneca’s goal to accelerate the discovery, development and delivery of innovative medicines for patients. We are excited to collaborate with Accumulus Synergy to improve efficiencies and pioneer new processes for facilitating the review of critical medicines,” said Jacques Mascaro, Ph.D., MBA, Senior Vice President, Head of Oncology Regulatory Science, Strategy, and Excellence, AstraZeneca, who has also been appointed as a Board Member of Accumulus Synergy.

Accumulus Synergy is developing a powerful and secure cloud-based tool to enhance collaboration and data and content sharing across all regions of the globe. By leveraging technology to modernize the drug submission process, this tool will aim to enable a dynamic approach that shifts the focus from documents to data which will create significant value for patients, healthcare providers, health authorities, and biopharma companies globally. 

“Since its inception, I am extremely proud with the progress that Accumulus Synergy has made. With the addition of AstraZeneca to our sponsoring companies and our continuing partnership with global regulatory authorities, we will be in an excellent position to create an information superhighway that enables real-time, efficient insight generation and global convergence toward an innovative and modernized submission 

process,” commented Jeremy Chadwick, Ph.D., MS, Accumulus Synergy Chairman of the Board and Senior Vice President and Head of Global Development Office, R&D, Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

About Accumulus Synergy

Funded by leading biopharma companies, the nonprofit Accumulus Synergy, Inc. was formed in 2020 to create a cloud-based platform to transform data sharing between the biopharma industry and global health authorities. The common-platform approach aims to improve efficiencies in the regulatory process by leveraging advanced technology, including data science and AI, as well as tools for secure data exchange to improve patient safety, help reduce the cost of innovation, and ultimately bring patients safe and effective medicines faster. It will work with partner companies, key stakeholders, and global health authorities to build and sustain a platform that meets regulatory, cybersecurity, and privacy requirements spanning clinical, safety, chemistry and manufacturing, and regulatory exchanges and submissions. For more information, please visit

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