Accumulus Synergy

Responsible Innovation

Next Generation Data and Information Exchange

We are a global nonprofit organization developing a communication and collaboration platform for the life science-regulatory ecosystem that aims to enhance the current methods of information and data exchange, ultimately benefiting patients around the globe.

A Regulatory-Centric Solution

Accumulus Synergy is creating a regulatory lifecycle solution, offering innovative technologies that aim to change industry ways of working. Our solution will strive to enable tremendous progress in the regulatory science space, particularly where there is the highest unmet medical need or public health opportunity.

An Information Superhighway

Accumulus Synergy is building an information superhighway that will help to facilitate standardization. Data from source to decision maker will facilitate real-time and efficient insight generation and global convergence toward single process, dataset, and submission.

Relevant to the Ecosystem

Accumulus Synergy is striving to be a convening hub, inclusive but not limited to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, generic, and medical device manufacturers, health authorities, and third-party solution developers.

News & Events

Vivpro — Re-Imagining Drug Development with Transformative Approach to Regulatory Submissions

Speaker: Khushboo Sharma, Chief Regulatory Innovation Officer, Accumulus Synergy

Accumulus Synergy: modernizing interactions with and among regulators

Biopharmaceutical companies push the boundaries of science to develop medicines, employ the most sophisticated techniques to visualize and analyze data, and then painstakingly transfer the results onto paper or PDFs to communicate data to regulators.

DIA 2022: Cloud Cover: Accelerating Global Medicines Development, Assessment, and Patient Access

Building the First Cloud-Based Submission Review Collaboration Platform.