Tori McClain

ToriVice President Brand and Product Marketing

Tori McClain is a healthcare marketing professional who specializes in metrics-driven GTM, product launch, brand creation and demand generation strategy. Having worked in organizations spanning the B2B healthcare ecosystem for the past 25 years, she brings unique perspectives that drive audience action. Tori is passionate about helping healthcare organizations positively impact patient lives. Most recently, Tori has worked to improve access to care by working with the largest telemedicine provider in the world. Prior to that she spent many years working with Pharma (Merck, GSK, Roche) and Med Device (Smith/Nephew, J&J) clients as well as hospital systems and payers. As a personal mantra Tori believes ‘it shouldn’t have to happen to you for it to matter to you.’ This tenet is reflected throughout her work and commitment to achieving success for those who serve patient populations.